Tooth Sensitivity due to Exposed Tooth Roots

By Steven Kail on March 25, 2017

Illustration of the gums surrounding a tooth rootTooth sensitivity has the potential to severely impact a person’s quality of life, restricting the foods he or she can eat and the beverages he or she can drink. It can also be a sign of more serious oral health problems to come, especially if the tooth sensitivity is the result of exposed roots, as is often the case. Fortunately, modern restorative dentistry has made it possible to address the issue of tooth sensitivity due to exposed roots efficiently and effectively. Patients emerge from treatment with their oral health fully intact, once again able to enjoy their favorite foods and beverages without discomfort.

At Premier Dental Center, we are pleased to offer relief from tooth sensitivity due to exposed roots through treatment of its most common underlying cause, gum disease. Indeed, tooth sensitivity is often one of the early symptoms of periodontitis, the advanced stage of gum disease. Periodontitis is the most common cause of tooth loss among adults. By seeking treatment for tooth sensitivity and exposed roots at our Jackson, TN cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry practice, you are not only restoring your ability to enjoy your favorite foods and drinks once again, but also potentially salvaging your teeth.

If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, we urge you to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Steven Kail, Dr. Joseph Leonard, or Dr. Chris Arnold at Premier Dental Center today.

How Do Tooth Roots Become Exposed and Lead to Tooth Sensitivity?

Gum disease occurs in two stages. The first of these stages, gingivitis, does not produce obvious symptoms in its earliest stages; however, it can easily be diagnosed and treated if people visit the dentist at least twice a year as advised by the American Dental Association. Unfortunately, when gingivitis is not treated in a timely manner, it can progress into periodontitis, the more advanced stage of gum disease.

One of the more destructive effects of periodontitis is that the gum tissues begin to pull away from the teeth. Although the roots of the teeth are covered by a protective substance called cementum, just as the teeth are protected by enamel above the gum line, this cementum will eventually erode as it is exposed to bacteria.

Beneath the cementum is a more delicate layer of tooth called dentin. The dentin layer of the tooth has thousands of microscopic tubules that lead to the dental pulp inside the root canals of the tooth. The dental pulp comprises, among other tissues, highly sensitive nerves. The exposed tubules now provide a gateway to these nerves, which is why you are experiencing tooth sensitivity.

It is possible to treat this issue before permanent damage is done to the affected teeth; however, time is of the essence. If left untreated, the dental pulp can become infected, and root canal therapy will become necessary.

Learn More about Tooth Sensitivity and Exposed Roots

To learn more about tooth sensitivity and exposed roots, please contact Premier Dental Center today.

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