Frequently Asked Questions

I have a temporary crown in my mouth. What should I do if it comes off or breaks?

First, contact us. If the office is closed, simply use a dab of toothpaste to reattach the temporary, and then visit us for a replacement when the office opens. You can also find dental adhesive in your local drug store, if you prefer not to use toothpaste. We check messages throughout the weekend so you can expect a prompt response.

I avoid dental visits because of anxiety…is this normal? Can you help?

Many people fear dental visits because of negative past experiences or control issues. We understand dental anxiety and offer a solution to help you overcome your stress. With oral conscious sedation, oral sedation, and nitrous oxide we can help you gain full peace of mind and body so that you can receive the dental work you need – and deserve.

How does the doctor keep up to date on current techniques, technology, and materials in dentistry?

Our dentist – and our team – takes more than the state's requirement for continuing education each year. In fact, we complete twice the required coursework to insure we are at the forefront of our field. We also read trade journals, attend professional association meetings, and do everything we can to keep in tune with the latest developments in general and cosmetic dentistry, as well as dental technology. We are passionate about our careers, so we enjoy soaking up new information on our profession, then sharing it with you!

When do you like children to have a first dental visit?

We want to see your child when they have teeth! Most children respond well to a dental visit around age three, though the ADA recommends children have a first visit at one year of age. Bring your child with you to your appointment so that he or she can become acclimated to the dentist's office. If you notice any development problems with your child's mouth or teeth, call us to schedule a visit immediately. At this time, we may refer you to a pedodontist, if necessary. Otherwise, we'd like to begin teaching your children how to care for their teeth and gums when they reach three or four years of age. By age four or five, they can begin hygiene treatments and regular checkups.

What is a cosmetic dentist?

Cosmetic dentistry is not a specialty recognized by the American Dental Association, so any general dentist can claim to be a cosmetic dentist. To choose a good cosmetic dentist, review the doctor's before-and-after photos of actual cases, ask about his or her postgraduate education in cosmetic dentistry, and make sure that you feel confident and comfortable in the office.

What is the difference between veneers and Lumineers?

Lumineers are actually a brand of veneers that requires minimal or no tooth preparation prior to placement. Some patients prefer Lumineers because of the quick application and reduced risk for sensitivity. However, others prefer traditional veneers because of their completely customized design and superior esthetics.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Absolutely. We bet you didn't know that teeth whitening, in some form, has been around since the 1700s. Modern whitening uses safe and effective bleaching gel to melt away stains and discoloration. Choose from Zoom! Whitening in our office or convenient take-home teeth-whitening kits paired with the Whitening for Life plan, which provides a tube of bleach every six months and custom trays.

How does gum disease affect the body?

It hides in your mouth, destroying gum tissue and teeth, and is correlated with strokes, heart attacks, and pregnancy complications. Don't think it's your problem? Conservative estimates report that up to 80 percent of the population unknowingly has gum disease in some form. 

Does your office use lasers?

We use many kinds of lasers for precise, comfortable dentistry… DIAGNOdent is our cavity-detection laser. It will scan your teeth to find decay and areas prone to decay, and we will not have to inspect each of your teeth with a traditional dental hook.

Our soft-tissue laser allows us to treat gum disease, perform crown lengthening, harvest and place gum grafts, reduce gum tissue for esthetics, and do biopsies. You will need no stitches after laser surgery, and bleeding is minimal. Most patients recover more quickly after laser surgery than they do following traditional surgery.

What is TMJ?

TMJ, temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD, can cause mild to severe symptoms, from jaw clicking and minor discomfort to sharp pain in your temple, ear, neck, or shoulders. For patients who suffer from frequent migraines or facial pain, an evaluation will allow us to determine if TMJ is the cause of pain. Therapy, such as an oral appliance or deprogramming, can realign the bite and relive pain. In more severe cases, a neuromuscular workup may be indicated. For more information, visit the neuromuscular section of this website.

What differentiates your practice?

Our primary focus is taking care of patients, not just teeth. We work with you, really focus on each patient, and offer a wide variety of services to meet each unique need. Our commitment to training and continuing education results in better care for our patients. For example, did you know that Premier Dental Center is the only neuromuscular dentistry practice in West Tennessee? You can expect to receive the thorough, specialized, and empathetic care you deserve.

Does my insurance cover that?

Dental insurance is diverse. Some policies cover only a small percentage of fees, while others cover 50 percent or greater. The more you or your employer pays for premiums, the better the coverage, in most cases. For the most part, dental insurance covers some restorative and preventive procedures. Cosmetic treatment is not usually covered. Ask about one-year interest free financing with approved credit to make cosmetic dentistry more affordable. If you have questions, give us a call. We'll be happy to tell you what your insurance will cover.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, and credit cards. We also offer a 5% accounting reduction for payment in full in advance of services, as well as a senior citizen's discount of 10%.

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