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Lee, one of our patients, discusses the quality of service he received at Premier Dental Center. We provide restorative, cosmetic and general dentistry at our Brownsville office serving Bells, Jackson, and areas throughout West Tennessee.

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MR. LEE HICKMAN: Hi, my name is Lee Hickman and I'm a patient here at Premier Dental Center. I neglected my dental care for a number of years, then I had a tooth crack. Since Dr. Kail had been previously been my dentist, I wanted to come see him and let him tell me what was going on with it and repair it. They examined me, it was determined that, of course, the tooth was not salvageable, so they installed a crown that has done a wonderful job for me. Previously I had been frightened of injections in my mouth, and I'm sure there are a lot of people that are afraid of injections in their mouth. Technology and skill levels have changed a good bit since I first saw Dr. Kail, and the injections that I've had to have and the work that he's done, and the other dentists here, has all been topnotch and relatively pain-free. Dr. Kail saved my life by finding oral cancer in my mouth. There are a lot of dentists that do not perform a full oral screening for oral cancer. This is after I had become a patient again, and I was on a regular schedule for examination with Dr. Kail, and he, in his examination of my tongue, found some lesions on the side of my tongue. He asked me what that was, and I said, "I don't know, I think I might have bitten the side of my tongue". He looked at it again, and he said, "No, that's not what this is", and he recommended that I see an oral surgeon for diagnosis and biopsy, and it turned out to be squamous-cell carcinoma, which was surgically removed along with a portion of my tongue. I had no risk factors, I'm not a drinker or an alcoholic, I've never been a smoker, I don't dip snuff or chew tobacco or use tobacco in any form. I have no family history of oral cancer, so where it came from, who knows, but it's gone now.

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