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By Steven Kail on June 29, 2012

Bells Dental ImplantsMany people are under the impression that losing a tooth creates mostly a cosmetic problem. Some even conclude that one or two missing teeth, especially in the back of the mouth, are no big deal, that they really won’t affect the function or appearance of their mouths too badly and, therefore, can be left untreated.

Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. Even one missing tooth can lead to a number of serious oral health issues that, ultimately, can compromise a person’s overall health.

With advances in dentistry over the past two decades, however, it is possible to restore both form and function to the mouth with remarkable realism. At our dental practice in Bells, cosmetic dentist Steven Kail, cosmetic dentist Joseph Leonard, and cosmetic dentist Chris Arnold provide patients who are missing one or more of their natural teeth with dental implants of the highest quality. Without exception, dental implants are the strongest, sturdiest, most durable and long-lasting replacement for missing teeth available. With dental implants, you will once again be able to chew, speak, smile, and laugh with absolute control and confidence.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are titanium posts that, when surgically placed in the jawbone, replicate the root structure of a missing tooth. The body does not recognize titanium as a foreign substance, so the dental implants fuse with the jawbone, becoming in essence part of the patient’s natural anatomy. Once this fusion has taken place, and the jawbone and gums have properly healed, our cosmetic dentists in Bells can attach custom-made, natural-looking restorations to the dental implants. Dental implants can be used to secure a single crown, multiple crowns, a bridge, or even a full set of dentures, making them a perfect solution for patients who are missing teeth, regardless of how many.

The Oral Health Advantages of Dental Implants

When adults lose a permanent tooth, a signal is sent to the body that the underlying jawbone and gums no longer serve any real purpose and, therefore, are not necessary to the body’s essential functioning. As a result, these once important structures begin to degrade, eventually leading to the hollowed-out look associated with those who are missing teeth. In addition, any remaining natural teeth begin to drift toward the open space left by the missing tooth, resulting in potentially serious alignment issues. The entire mouth becomes more susceptible to infection and disease.

When placed by our cosmetic dentists in Bells, dental implants fully recreate the structure of the missing tooth, from root to crown. The body interprets this as a sign that the underlying jawbone and gums have renewed purpose, and the degradation of these structures comes to a halt. Patients emerge from treatment with vastly improved oral health and a stunningly beautiful new smile.

There is no method of replacing missing teeth that can rival dental implants in terms of aesthetics, practicality, strength, or durability. If you want to regain the control and assurance you had with your natural teeth, dental implants at our Bells practice is absolutely your best option.

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