The Porcelain Veneers Preparation Process

By Steven Kail on March 03, 2015

A woman's beautiful smileHere at Premier Dental Center, we take great pride in achieving dental care excellence at our offices in Jackson, Brownsville, and Bells. One way that we can help patients achieve exceptional results with regard to the look of their smiles is through porcelain veneers, which are a versatile and important part of smile makeover treatments. Prepping the teeth for veneers is an important part of achieving great results. Let's consider this process right now.

About Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin shells of tooth-colored dental ceramic that are fixed to the fronts of people's teeth. By placing these semi-transluscent shells on the the teeth, a dentist can effectively mask chips, cracks, major stains, misalignments, and tooth gaps from view.

Why Teeth Need to be Prepped for Porcelain Veneers

While porcelain veneers are very thin, they do require some tooth structure to be removed in order to be properly accommodated on a tooth. This allows the porcelain veneer to be blended seamlessly with the patient's existing tooth structure, and for optimal cosmetic results to be achieved. Rest assured that the amount of tooth structure removed is negligible (less than 1 millimeter) and that it will not have an impact on your dental health and wellness.

As an alternative to porcelain veneers, some patients may be able to receive Lumineers, which are even thinner and require no prep. We can determine candidacy for Lumineers during your visit.

What to Expect During the Preparation Process

Patients are sometimes given a local anesthetic during this porcelain veneers prep process in order to prevent all potential issues with discomfort and tooth sensitivity. Once the small amount of tooth structure has been removed, your dentist will then take an impression of the prepped tooth or teeth. It is from this impression that the final veneers are crafted at an off-site dental laboratory.

While the final veneers are being crafted, patients will be given temporary veneers to wear.

What happens after the teeth are prepped?

After the prep process is completed, it can take a week or so to receive the final veneers from the lab. During this time, patients will return to normal life, with a secondary visit scheduled when the veneers arrive. Proper care for the temporary veneers is crucial.

Caring for Your Temporary Veneers

Patients are advised to brush and floss as they normally would when they have temporary veneers in place. It is important to avoid eating sticky or chewy foods while the temporary veneers are in place as these kinds of food items can potentially dislodge the veneers.

A Final Check Before the Custom Veneers Get Placed

Before the final veneers are placed in the second visit, the patient's teeth will be carefully cleaned. One last check for fit is performed to ensure everything will be perfect. After this final check, the permanent porcelain veneers are securely adhered in place atop the prepped tooth or teeth.

Contact Premier Dental Center

To learn more about porcelain veneers and how they can help you have a healthy and beautiful smile, it's important that you schedule a consultation at our advanced dental care centers today. The team here at Premier Dental Center looks forward to your visit and helping you achieve a beautiful smile in the process.

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