Dr. Joseph Leanord helps patients straighten their smiles with orthodontics at our practice serving West Tennessee which are located in Jackson, Bells, and Brownsville.

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DR. JOSEPH LEONARD: As a general practitioner, I love to provide our patients with comprehensive orthodontic therapy, it's a way to provide a beautiful smile for their lifetime. There are many options for an orthodontic patient: functional appliances is one option for patients, brackets and bands is an option for our patients, and invisible braces are also options for our patients. Orthodontic treatment in our practice is more than just about straight teeth, we work at providing our patients with a way for them to have that perfect smile for a lifetime, and that involves having a clear airway, removing tonsils and adenoids tissues, and that's a solid foundation from which to begin orthodontic treatment. If we've gone through and provided the proper airway and we've widened the arches with functional appliances, then the length of time that a patient has to wear brackets and bands is minimized. We're looking at, hopefully, just around 12 months. We have such a close, intimate relationship with our patients, we see them as they grow year after year after year, and it's just amazing to see profiles change, smiles change, as the patient grows. I have a lot of adolescent patients that love their smile, they feel like their teeth come together the way they should, their smile is beautiful, and for adult patients too, it's a way to get rid of the crowding or spaces that they've had all of their life, they've always wanted to change. Our patients want to stay here, so we come and offer them as many services as we can, because they just don't want to leave our practice, so orthodontics is just one of those ways that we get to keep them here and take outstanding care of them.

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