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If you need the services of a general, restorative, or cosmetic dentist our practices serving West Tennessee which are located in Jackson, Bells, and Brownsville can help you achieve all of your oral health needs and goals.

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ANNOUNCER: The doctors and staff at Premier Dental Center in West Tennessee have one primary goal when it comes to the treatment of their patients. DR. F. STEVEN KAIL: One thing I'd like the world to know about this practice is that we are absolutely dedicated to taking care of each person when they come in here, like they are the only patient that we have. DR. CHRIS ARNOLD: I want them to know that each patient that comes into this office is always the most important patient. We strive to make that a reality for every patient, and help them to understand that they, that day, that moment, they are our number one priority. DR. JOSEPH LEONARD: Our practice is about our patients, they're the reason we're here. We try to provide them with outstanding care in a relaxed comfortable environment. They mean everything to us and we just try to do our best to take care of everything for them. ANNOUNCER: That type of patient is only possible because everybody who works here absolutely loves what they do, but more importantly, where they do it. BRANDY LANNOM: I love to work here, I can't imagine working anywhere else. We take such good care of patients. JANE HARDEN: Everybody gets along well. We enjoy the environment, we create an environment for our patients that make them comfortable. This team cares more about people than anyplace that I've ever been in my life. SUSIE (PATIENT): I mean, the minute you walk in the door, you just, you feel like they've known you forever. ANNOUNCER: Premier Dental Center has been providing state-of-the-art comprehensive dental services to patients in this rural part of West Tennessee since 1979. They have three locations: one in Bells, there's an office in Jackson, Tennessee, and the other is located in Brownsville. But not every patient who visits here is local. DR. T. STEVEN KAIL: I have patients that range anywhere from three years old all the way up to 100, and they, you know, we have patients who drive from Murray, Kentucky, we have people who fly from Charlotte, North Carolina, we have people who come from Memphis, we have people that come all over to see us. ANNOUNCER: All three office locations offer everything, from routine general and family dentistry, to higher-end cosmetic procedures, like veneers and implants, TMJ treatment, laser dentistry and more. They even offer sedation to those who have that all-too-common fear of going to the dentist. DR. CHRIS ARNOLD: If you have a fear, we offer a multitude of sedation forms, anywhere from nitrous oxide to conscious sedation, and there are other levels and things that we can do if necessary. ANNOUNCER: To the team at Premier Dental Center, helping their patients and neighbors achieve proper oral health and a great smile is a way of life. Though each doctor here has received world-class training and can work anywhere in the country, to a person each doctor says there's no place like home. DR. CHRIS ARNOLD: Some people think, "Why in the world would you have a dental office way out in the middle of nowhere?" Well, I think that once they come in and see us and see how we do things, seeing some of our patients' before-and-after pictures, and realize that you do not have to go to a large city to receive quality dentistry. DR. F. STEVEN KAIL: The people that I love are here, and they deserve the opportunity too to have the same type of treatment, and I just wanted to build something here that would last forever, and that's why I have my partners come in, and so that people in this area will be taken care of long after I'm gone.

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