Straighter teeth can enhance the appearance and health of your smile, but you may be avoiding treatment if you dislike traditional braces.

Our Bells, TN-headquartered practice offers a range of orthodontic options, including invisible braces from ClearCorrect®.

Are you ready to love your smile? 

Achieve a Healthy, Beautiful Smile with ClearCorrect

These comfortable trays are made from clear, smooth plastic. They fit over the teeth to gently guide them into place using steady, gentle pressure. Dr. Steven Kail, Dr. Joseph Leonard, and Dr. Chris Arnold of Premier Dental Center, can help you decide if ClearCorrect is right for you at one of our three convenient offices in Jackson, Milan, and Bells, TN.

At Premier Dental Center, we offer a range of orthodontic treatments, including invisible braces from ClearCorrect.

The Advantages of ClearCorrect

With a set of ClearCorrect aligners, we can address many of the same issues as braces. The difference is that invisible braces are:

  • Removable: You can take out your aligners to eat, brush, and floss, making it easy to maintain your oral health during treatment.
  • Invisible: The clear plastic makes ClearCorrect more discreet than traditional braces.
  • Comfortable: The smooth material of ClearCorrect is customized to your smile for more comfortable, convenient treatment.

In addition, ClearCorrect aligners are all made in America. 

Is ClearCorrect Right for Me?

Our doctors typically recommend invisible braces for teenagers or adults with minor to moderate alignment issues. ClearCorrect can treat:

  • Overcrowding
  • Gaps
  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Rotated or crooked teeth

The best way to find out if ClearCorrect will work for you is to schedule an appointment at one of our offices. Your doctor can examine your smile and take x-rays and scans to determine the optimal treatment option for your needs, goals, and budget. If you are not a candidate for ClearCorrect, we offer several other orthodontic treatments, including Invisalign®, traditional braces, and functional appliances. 


ClearCorrect mouthpieces are comfortable, discreet, and effective.

Planning Your Treatment

If you decide to proceed with ClearCorrect, your doctor will take photos, x-rays, and scans of your smile. Then, he will precisely map out your treatment plan and send a prescription to ClearCorrect. Skilled dental technicians will use the plan to fabricate your custom aligners. Once they are ready, you can return to our practice to begin straightening your smile.

How It Works

Treatment with ClearCorrect consists of a series of aligners designed to apply consistent pressure to your teeth. About every three weeks, you will replace your aligners with the next set in the series. The number of aligners you need will depend on the complexity of your case. However, many patients see results with six to 12 aligners. 

Straightening your teeth not only improves your appearance. It also protects the health of your smile. 

During your treatment, it is important to wear your aligners at least 22 hours each day. We recommend removing them only to eat, brush, or floss. You will also need to visit our office periodically so your doctor can review your progress and provide you with more aligners. 

Discreet, Comfortable Treatment

Straightening your teeth not only improves your appearance. It also protects the health of your smile. Straight teeth are easier to clean, helping you avoid decay and other oral health issues. ClearCorrect is a simple, comfortable, and effective way to achieve a better smile. For more information about your options, contact our practice online or call one of our three locations today.

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