Benefits of Treating Sleep Apnea

Woman sleeping comfortably in bedIf you suspect that you are suffering from obstructive sleep apnea, ask a dentist for an assessment and options. Oftentimes, people ask their personal physician questions on sleep apnea, but who knows your mouth better than a professional such as our team at Premier Dental? We offer guidance, treatments, tools and procedures that can help. Not every patient requires a CPAP, we may be able to help you get the rest you need with a much less intrusive option.

Sleep apnea is a condition when the intake of oxygen is temporarily prohibited. This can be caused by a central brain disorder, but most commonly it is caused from a closure or blockage in your throat while you sleep. A person with sleep apnea will generally experience multiple times in the night periods of not breathing until their brain causes them to slightly waken and then gasp for air.

A person may not be aware that they have it, but there are symptoms that can be observed. One of the biggest tell tale signs is loud snoring. Snoring is an indication that the tissue is rattling as air passes through. Not everyone who snores has sleep apnea, but it should definitely be something to consider. Other symptoms would be demonstrative of not getting a complete night’s sleep. This could include waking with headaches, not feeling well rested, or loss of concentration during your day due to exhaustion.

The use of a CPAP machine is frequently recommended, but it is not the only option. First, we need to figure out why you are experiencing a blockage, do you have excessive throat tissue? Is your tongue slipping back toward your throat while you sleep? We may discuss options including:

•  Oral Appliance Therapy: Sometimes referred to as a mandibular advancing device, we can customize an oral appliance that you wear like a retainer while you sleep. This device is designed to pull your lower jaw forward and provide it better support helping keep your airway open while you sleep. No loud noises, not intrusive masks.
•  Tongue Stabilizing Device: Sometimes referred to as tongue splint or retaining device, this device is designed to hold your tongue forward while you sleep, preventing it from slipping back toward your throat.
•  Surgical Removal of Tissue: In some situations, we may recommend the removal of excess tissue. We will need to examine and discuss this option following a consultation.
•  Nasal Treatment: Following your consultation, we may refer you to an Ears, Nose and Throat specialist to discuss treatment in the nasal region.

The benefits of treating sleep apnea can be significant. It could mean improved sleep, feeling much more rested, and can even benefit your heart health. We need consistent, positive oxygen intake to be healthy, and we can help you obtain that easier than you think.
For more information on obstructive sleep apnea and the treatments we offer, contact our Jackson office at 731-300-3000.

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Benefits of Treating Sleep Apnea | Premier Dental Center | Bells, TN
At Premier Dental Center, if you suffer from sleep apnea, a dentist can do an assessment for you. Learn more about the benefits of treating sleep apnea today!
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