Implant Retained Dentures vs. Loose Dentures

Implant denture graphic You may have heard or witnessed the huge impact that dentures can have. This includes the benefits and the downfalls. Traditional loose fitting dentures have been depicted for decades as being a frustrating, life altering minimal solution. Thankfully, today our patients have options that can vastly improve the fit, function and aesthetic of their denture device. Our team at Premier Dental can help you have a denture that can feel much more natural and best of all, remain firmly in place. Whether you are a new denture patient, or have already been wearing them for years, we can help you feel more comfortable and restore your ability to chew your regular diet.

A denture prosthetic is for the replacement of multiple teeth, or all of the teeth on an arch. It consists of a plastic mold to mimic both the gums and teeth. The traditional form of dentures is designed to rest over your gum ridge. Or, if you have a partial denture, it is designed to clasp around neighboring healthy teeth. Today, we can now hold these prosthetics more firmly in place with various implant solutions. We can surgically set posts in your jaw to either permanently hold a prosthetic in place or to give you the control of removing when you need. Our team at Premier Dental can review your needs and discuss options that are specific to you.

Traditional Loose Dentures

Traditional dentures have always been a step above having no teeth, but they come with a lot of frustrations. Loose dentures that are retained through suction or over the counter adhesives means that the wearer has to constantly think of their denture and if it is going to stay in place. Additionally, because of the shifting and rocking on their gums, many patients wish they could not wear them at all. The biggest downside to loose dentures is not having a firm structure to hold the denture in place.

Though traditional dentures help patients chew and provide structure to their face, we have solutions that can vastly increase your function and comfort.

Implant Retained Dentures

A dental implant is a metal or ceramic post that we can surgically embed in your jaw. Though this sounds extreme, the procedure is only minimally invasive and approved for many of our medically delicate patients. The number of implants needed will depend on the prosthetic you are having placed, we can discuss your options.

Some implant retained dentures include:
•  All-on-4® Treatment Concept: The All on 4 system is a full arch bridge. We place four dental implants and then permanently attach your denture to the implants Your denture is not removable and will be firmly stabilized in your mouth. This treatment is unique in that it often does not require a bone graft procedure prior to placement due to the length and angled placement of the implants. This can save months in completing treatment.
•  Ball Retained Implant Denture: The ball retained denture with implants utilizes a snap on and off process to hold your denture in place. This allows the denture to be removable for the patient to clean. Some patients who are more medically delicate like having this option.
•  Bar Retained Implant Denture: The bar retained denture with implants utilizes a bar system that is secured with the implants. This allows the patient at clip or hook the denture on and off the bar system. Some patients who are more medically delicate like having this option.

Patients who choose implant retained dentures find that their denture quickly feels much more like their natural teeth. The denture remains firm on your gums, so your gums don’t experience sore spots. Additionally, patients with implant retained dentures can chew many of their favorite foods again following a healing period.

For more information on dentures, both loose and implant retained, contact our Jackson office at 731-300-3000.

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