Invisalign® for Teens

Hand holding clear aligner trayOrthodontic treatment is a common recommendation for many adolescents, thankfully today there are multiple options to achieve this including Invisalign clear aligners. The Invisalign system is used for straightening teeth and closing gaps using a series of customized aligners. While there are some bite issues that are better resolved through braces, the comprehensive pressure from Invisalign can be even more effective than braces shortening treatment time. Our staff at Premier Dental can review and discuss treatment following an evaluation for recommendations specific to your needs.

Invisalign began as an option for orthodontic treatment for professional adults who yearned for a more discreet option, but quickly it became apparent that this can be an ideal treatment for teens alike. Teens love Invisalign because:

•  Nearly Invisible: One of the biggest benefits to Invisalign is its nearly invisible look. No brackets, no wires, no metal, Invisalign is a clear acrylic device that fits snugly over your teeth. Most people will never know you’re wearing it!
•  Removable to Clean: If you’ve ever tried keeping braces clean, you know how difficult it can be. Food debris and plaque gets stuck in the brackets and under the wire. Brushing and flossing is difficult. Invisalign allows your teen to remove it and then brush and floss their teeth as normal, then simply rinse the Invisalign and place it back in.
•  Removable to Play Sports: Metal braces can be frustrating for teens who play sports. Mouth injuries and impacts can suddenly include additional cuts from the metal on their teeth. Bite guards feel even more clunky. Invisalign allows your physically active teen to remove their device while they play, giving them a significant advantage.
•  Removable to Play Instruments: For many instruments, lips matter. Woodwinds and Brass players know that disrupting their mouth with metal brackets and wires can be problematic. It can change their tone, altering their sound. Invisalign allows your musical teen the ability to remove their device when they play and simply put it back on when their done.
•  Metal Free: One of the biggest complaints about braces is the pokes, cuts, and scratches that patients receive from having metal in their mouth. Invisalign removes all of those issues, it is metal free with no sharp edges.
•  Fewer Office Visits: Invisalign treatment doesn’t require regular tightenings. Treatment includes receiving a series of aligners. Though we will want to occasionally check how treatment is advancing, most often your teen will simply place the next aligner in the series about every two weeks.
•  Lost One?: As with anything expensive, we hope your teen will show great responsibility in caring for their aligners. Occasionally, one may accidentally be left on a food tray or lost. If this happens, they simply move on to the next aligner in the series.
•  No Dietary Changes: Traditional braces require some changes to your diet. You will have to be aware of foods that are crunchy, sticky or could get stuck in your brackets and wire. Patients with Invisalign are asked to remove their device while they eat, so no dietary changes are needed.

Invisalign can be a fantastic option for a wide variety of needs, but it’s not right for everyone. We are happy to review and discuss Invisalign with you and see if it’s right for your teen.

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