Long Term Benefits of Orthodontics

Teen boy smiling with bracesOrthodontic appliances, including spacers, retainers, braces and more can provide both aesthetic and health benefits. The treatment is customized to the patient based on their bite issues and needs. At Premier Dental, we are happy to examine the alignment of your teeth, review any impacted teeth, and discuss the importance of keeping your jaw joint free of disruption. Together, we can review treatment plans and help you get the work you need to have a healthy smile.

An orthodontic device is any appliance that is used to assist in the movement or in preventing movement in your teeth or palate. Orthodontic devices are tools that are used often in conjunction with the treatment of braces or any other orthodontic treatment. There are multiple appliances to fit a wide variety of needs, including:

•  Spacers: A spacer is used to hold a space, to prevent neighboring teeth from moving, until a permanent tooth can grow.
•  Retainer: A retainer is used to prevent teeth from shifting out of alignment.
•  Expander: A palatal expander can be used to help expand an upper jaw to create more room and decrease overcrowding.
•  Headgear: Headgear can be used to support proper jaw alignment. This can be used in younger patients as well to promote better jaw health.

Orthodontic treatment has both dental and aesthetic benefits. Dental benefits include the correction of your bite. Patients who suffer from a malocclusion including an overbite, an underbite, a crossbite or overcrowding can have problems with their ability to chew, their speech and their jaw joint.

The long term benefits of correcting a malocclusion can be better oral health including:

•  Healthier Teeth: Teeth that are overcrowded creates areas for food debris and plaque to get stuck and hide. This can make it more difficult to brush and floss leading to increased decay and infection.
•  Healthier Jaw Joint: A common disorder that comes from a malocclusion is a disruption of the jaw joint. When the jaw is out of alignment it can cause a tired sensation, a popping sensation, pain in your jaw, pain in your ear or brow and headaches. Some patients may even experience the inability to fully open or close their jaw. Correcting your bite can prevent these issues.
•  Improved Chewing: Ideally, our patients have balanced, even chewing. A malocclusion can disrupt this ability to properly chew or cause an imbalanced chewing.
•  Improved Speech: In addition to chewing, proper tooth alignment helps a patient develop improved speech patterns.

Orthodontic Care for Children

Many of our patients think orthodontic care begins in adolescence, but studies have shown that there are steps that can be taken in younger children to improve their tooth placement as the permanent teeth come in. We are now evaluating children as young as seven for progress in their tooth development and intervening with orthodontic appliances to help guide their teeth as they grow. This will reduce the need for braces and help your child have a healthier smile.

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