Dental Bridges

More than 120 million Americans are missing at least one of their teeth.  In addition to the cosmetic concerns that accompany missing teeth, tooth loss leads to serious oral health issues including jawbone recession and misalignment. If you want to replace one, two, or three consecutive missing teeth, a dental bridge may be the right solution for you. During your consultation at one of our office locations in Milan, Jackson, or Bells, TN, Drs. Steven Kail, Joseph Leonard, or Chris Arnold will assess your smile, review your treatment options, and help you determine the best solution for your needs.

Dental Bridges Explained

Traditional dental bridges consist of two dental crowns supporting one or more pontics (replacement teeth).

While dental implant-supported dental crowns can replace single missing teeth and dentures can replace most or all teeth on the upper or lower jaw, dental bridges are ideal for one, two, or three consecutive missing teeth. Bridges are made up of one to three prosthetic teeth (pontics) anchored between two dental crowns. Implant-supported bridges eliminate the need for supportive crowns. Because they are made from natural-looking materials that are customized to match your smile, they can restore both form and function.

The Treatment Process 

If you are receiving a traditional dental bridge, we will begin by resizing the two teeth adjacent to your gap. Once the teeth have been resized, we will collect impressions of your smile. Because bridges can take a few weeks to fabricate, we may place a temporary restoration.

We know how important it is to achieve the proper fit and feel when it comes to dental restorations. If you would like to try on your restoration prior to sending your impressions to the lab, we can provide a wax-up model to provide a preview of your results.

A skilled ceramist will craft the prosthetic out of tooth-colored, metal-free materials that closely resemble the look, shine, and color of your surrounding teeth. 

If you are suffering due to an incomplete smile, our compassionate dentists are here to help.


When your bridge is ready, you will come back to one of our offices for your fitting and placement. One of our dentists will remove your temporary restoration and place your permanent bridge. If the bridge feels natural and does not disrupt your bite or alignment, we will attach the crowns to your teeth with dental cement. Any adjustments needed to help your bite meet properly can be made at this time.

Traditional vs. Implant-Supported Bridges

Although a traditional bridge can help restore symmetry and function to your smile for years to come, an implant-supported bridge can provide further benefits, including: 

  • Jaw support: Implants stimulate your jaw to prevent the bone recession that would otherwise follow tooth loss. 
  • Tissue preservation: While traditional bridges are mounted to dental crowns, implant-retained bridges are attached to dental implants. This solution requires no resizing of your healthy surrounding teeth.

Our doctors work with trusted oral surgeons to coordinate your implant treatment. In most cases, we can place your permanent bridge four to six months after your implant surgery. Dental implants have shown outstanding success rates and can last a lifetime with proper care. During your appointment, we can determine if you are a candidate for dental implants.

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Modern dentistry provides an incredible variety of advanced solutions for missing teeth. If you are suffering due to an incomplete smile, our compassionate dentists are here to help you achieve the healthy and beautiful smile you deserve. To learn how dental bridges or another restorative solution can help you, please contact our office nearest you.

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