Restore Your Smile
with Partial or Full Dentures

Premier Dental Center provides many tooth replacement options, including custom dentures. Drs. Steven Kail, Joseph Leonard, and Chris Arnold can restore your smile with either implant-supported or traditional dentures at their offices in Bells, Milan, and Jackson, TN. Each denture we provide is carefully crafted to restore both aesthetics and function. 

Are You a Candidate? 

We will evaluate your candidacy for dentures during your initial consultation. In general, denture candidates are missing most or all of their teeth, and are in good periodontal health. If you are missing one to three consecutive teeth, but your remaining teeth are healthy, you may be a candidate for an implant-supported crown or a dental bridge.

Types of Dentures 

We provide several types of dentures: 


Partial dentures complement your remaining teeth and restore function to your smile. These prosthetics fit comfortably among your remaining teeth.


If you are missing all of your teeth, or if your remaining teeth need to be extracted, a complete set of dentures may be the right choice for you. These dentures are held in place using a combination of a special adhesive and suction.


While traditional dentures are a good solution for missing teeth, they do not prevent the jawbone atrophy that follows tooth loss. Our dentists work with trusted oral surgeons to offer implant-supported dentures to our patients. Rather than using adhesive or suction for stability, implant-supported dentures are held securely in place by dental implants

implant dentures and traditional dentures
Implant-supported dentures provide better stability than traditional dentures because they are attached directly to the jaw.

What to Expect during Treatment 

Creating dentures can take several weeks from start to finish. Our doctors carefully plan your restoration to ensure your satisfaction. We can show you patient before and after photos to give you an idea of what to expect once your dentures are complete. Our office also provides wax-ups that allow you to preview the results of your treatment.

Your dentures will be custom-made in an offsite lab. A dental ceramist will craft your dentures out of high-quality materials designed to mimic the shade, shine, and shape of natural teeth.  After a few weeks, you will come back to our office to try in your dentures and provide feedback regarding the fit and feel.

During your final appointment, you will come back to our office to receive your dentures. With proper care and professional adjustments, dentures typically last five to 10 years. 

Our team of dentists believes that every patient deserves a fully functional smile that they are proud to share.

Immediate Benefits 

With your custom dentures in place, you can experience many important benefits: 

  • Variety in Your Diet: While patients with missing teeth are restricted to soft foods, dentures allow you to enjoy your favorite foods and a healthy, balanced diet once again. 
  • Speech: Missing teeth can cause lisping or affect how you pronounce certain words. Dentures can restore your ability to speak properly. 
  • Appearance: In addition to giving you a new smile, your dentures can support sunken cheeks and lips and provide a rejuvenating effect.
  • Confidence: If you have felt self-conscious due to the appearance of your smile, dentures can help you to feel more secure and outgoing.

Schedule a Consultation 

Our team of dentists believes that every patient deserves a fully functional smile that they are proud to share. We offer flexible financing options including Wells Fargo Health Advantage and CareCredit® to help you budget for a beautifully restored smile. To schedule a consultation, call one of our three office locations. You can also message us online and one of our team members will get back to you shortly. 

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