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Dr. Steven Kail places porcelain veneers at our practice serving West Tennessee which are located in Bells, Jackson and Brownsville.

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DR. F. STEVEN KAIL: Veneers are tiny, thin, wafer-like shells of tooth-colored material, usually made of porcelain, that are bonded to your teeth. Veneers are used to treat patients who have smiles that they don't like, that are possibly caused from the staining of their teeth, poor color, poor shape, misaligned teeth, or spaces between their teeth. Veneers are for people, normally adults, sometimes we do veneers for children, for kids, and only in extreme situations where they've had teeth knocked out or broken, but veneers are for adults and usually anywhere from 16 to 100. It usually takes about two to three weeks to have the veneers made at the lab, and the lab is a key thing in doing this. We use one of the top five labs in the nation, and they make absolutely beautiful porcelain. So, you know, it's, a whole lot depends on your lab too, is how successful a case will be, and we use a very good one. We always see absolutely fantastic results. We see it change people's lives. They come in with a smile that they don't like, they've always when they talk or laugh, they have to cover their mouths, and then they come away with veneers that they can absolutely smile and feel good about themselves and have confidence to get that date, or get the job, or get whatever it is that they want in life. I love doing veneers. I consider myself one of the leading dentists around as far as being able to diagnose, to create a case that will look great and to place it and have it be the very best that you could get anywhere.

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