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Susie, one of our patients, discusses the quality of service she received from Premier Dental Center. We provide general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry at our Brownsville practice serving Bells, Jackson and areas throughout West Tennessee.

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MS. SUSIE PASCAL: I'm Susie Pascal and I'm a patient at Premier Dental Center. I'm a very claustrophobic person and I just really … I just had a real fear of the dentist. I had a really bad experience with a former dentist, and so I thought I was going to have to do sedation dentistry, and when I checked, this was where they did the sedation dentistry. And I really had a lot of filling in the teeth, and I had some that were breaking and so I had to have some crowns, and I had a few that had tetracycline damage, and so we were going to do a few crowns and we ended up doing ten crowns. I just wasn't confident with my smile at all, and Dr. Chris changed that. I live an hour away, and I will drive to see Dr. Chris, just because of the confidence that I have in him. I just have people all the time making comments about my smile. I would recommend Dr. Chris and Premier Dental to everyone, because of the confidence that I've had in myself and just the kindness that they've shown me.

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